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"I followed your step by step how to guide and your easy deviled eggs recipe and they turned out fabulous!!!! Perfect in every way!" Dawn
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Many of you are kind enough to send me notes on what worked for you and what didn't during your deviled eggs adventures. So, I've put them online!
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Deviled Egg Recipes

Here are some of my favorite recipes for deviled eggs - great appetizers for all of your special occasions!

All of these recipes suit the tastes of my family and you may find that you enjoy a little less or a little more of one ingredient. Feel free to experiment yourself! After all, the "funnest" and most creative part of making your own deviled eggs is that you get to tweak each recipe to suit you!

Some of the recipes use light mayonnaise to help cut down on the calories from fat to accommodate low cholesterol and low fat diet plans (with 50% less fat than regular mayonnaise). Hellman’s is a nice choice. But you can always substitute either way with little difference in texture or firmness. Regular mayo or salad dressing will produce a creamier result though.

Deviled eggs on plateAlways keep your deviled eggs well-chilled, taking additional precautions in the summer months. It is never wise to eat deviled eggs that have been left out of the fridge for more than an hour or so, during hot weather in particular.

I have met two groups of deviled egg lovers - people who like the filling firm and others who like it soft and gooey. Myself, I do like the filling to be on the firmer side, not "slooshing" out all over my fingers! Plus, it's easier to pipe - if you would like to make lovely designs like the eggs you see above, follow my recipes and it will be about the right thickness. But to make the filling softer, adding 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise should be sufficient!

Here are 11 great recipes to try:

Easy Classic Deviled Eggs

A "Little Bit Devilish" Deviled Eggs

Sweet Pickle and Horseradish Deviled Eggs

Crunchy Veggie Deviled Eggs

Crab Meat & Celery Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs for Fifty (people that is!)

Shrimp and Olive Deviled Eggs

Caviar Deviled Eggs with Dill

An Oldie in the Better Homes & Gardens Salad Book

Sweet and Sour Deviled Eggs New

Dameon’s Red Deviled Eggs New